Common challenges leaders face when building communities are

Finding common grounds among community members.

Drawing on the diversity of the group.

 Lack of time to successfully implement the tools of collaborative work.

Knitting genuine communities focused on shared purposes.

Business and community leaders we work with want to facilitate connection between their people and bring more purpose and vitality into their communities.

Our solutions are designed to meet those challenges.

Our solutions have been built for organisations
that want to facilitate the connection between members
and bring more purpose and vitality into their community.

We know each organisation has its own specificities and objectives, so we have created solutions dedicated
to companies and business communities respectively.

Working with Happytivity,
sparkling opportunities

Building engagement and mutual support.
Working together on shared purposes.
Experiencing diversity as an authentic value.
Driving positive impact from the collective.
  • Happytivity is empathic, creative & stimulating. In today’s world, a few leaders or high priced consultants are no longer enough to design innovative paths. You need to embrace an open approach. One where strategy is co-designed with those who are actually going to bring it to life, in the field. If you are on such a journey, you can trust Happytivity to be your guide.
    Giovanni Colucci - Director
    Cronos Europa
  • Happytivity delivered a true human centric experience at DAS with her tailor made innovation workshop. We had a great time and Ana has shown significant and appreciable adaptability to ours needs.Thank you for your commitment and enthusiasm !
    Jérémy Ceuppens - Project Manager
  • “A huge thank you for the Morning Party you led at MCCS. You managed to create a positive and light dynamic with a good dose of seriousness but, above all, fun. The whole team was delighted about it.”
    Elke Van den Bergh - Co-coordinator
    Huis van Culturen en Sociale Samenhang
  • "Ana's workshop at the Brussels Imagination Club this September was highly impressive. Ana combines a deep knowledge of creativity, with enthusiasm and playful energy. Her workshop combined explanation with a splash of humour, open discussion and group exercises that ensure participants not only learned, but applied what they learned. "
    Jeffrey Baumgartner - Co-Founder
    Brussels Imagination Club
  • Happytivity est innovant et motivant. Elle nous permet d'avoir une approche humaine dans l’organisation d'une société en tenant compte de l’opinion des employés qui en font partie. Le parcours Happytivity nous permet d'aller vers les autres et de prouver que les différences font une force quand on met nos idées en commun. Cela nous permet également de grandir et de développer des nouvelles idées pour le bien être de tous dans un cadre professionnel et stimulant.  
    Virginie Dambrain - HR Payroll Officer Lead
    Cronos Europa
  • "Participating in Ana's workshop was one of the most exciting and fun experiences I ever had. I loved her unique way of presenting material. It was easy to learn and I was waiting for what she will present next! It was a great mix of excitement, learning and fun."
    Dalia Jasiukeviciene - workshop participant
    @The Imagination Club

Innovation culture programme

A programme to embed innovation mindset & creative participation into your organisation’s DNA.

Creative training courses

Empowering dynamics to inspire, develop and experience creativity and collaborative work.

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