We spread the power of creativity.


Our Vision

Innovation x Motivation

We help companies build an open environment for innovation using a project-driven and human-centric, hands-on approach.

Generating value for the company is a common effort where individuals bring out the best of themselves. Motivation is the key for creativity, and motivation is only possible when a conducive environment is enabled. The starting point for our vision of developing an open environment for innovation is the company’s goals, values and culture. Our proposal is situated at the point these factors converge with people’s intrinsic and contextual motivations.


Our Values

Working with us is…

Spreading creativity as a life attitude.


• A mind-set •

• A life attitude •

• Open-mindedness •


• Genuineness •

• Integrity •

• Trustworthiness •


• Teamwork •

• Positive interactions •

• Empathy •


• Eye for detail •

• Excellence •

• Work-hard-play-hard attitude •

“Design processes are useful for everybody. Creativity is not elitist, it’s more an ‘altruistic’ state of mind that occurs to support others’ expectations and not self desires.”

– Ana Simar –

• Industrial designer • Creativity enabler • Co-creation focused • Toys creator • Empathy lover • Playful tools thinker • Human/joy centric • Grateful mother •